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MHA-NYC’s Center for Policy, Advocacy and Education promotes the development of and advocacy for mental health policies that anticipate the mental health needs of the next decade or longer.

Since the founding of the Mental Health Association movement in the first decade of the 20th century, MHAs have provided leadership in the development of mental health policy by focusing on the most pressing needs of people with mental health problems, as well as by building cooperation among the constituencies which make up the mental health community. MHA-NYC’s Center for Policy, Advocacy, and Education expands upon that leadership role by serving as an advocate for progressive mental health policies, convener and coalition builder across systems, and leader in promoting mental health and emotional wellness for all.

Learn more about our positions and policy recommendations on the issues critical in the mental health community.

The Veterans’ Mental Health Coalition of New York City
MHA-NYC is a strong advocate for creating a better future for all in need of mental health services and supports, but when our voice is combined with the nearly 1,000 stakeholders who make up the Veterans’ Mental Health Coalition of NYC (VMHC), the chorus for change is powerful.  That’s why the Center founded the VMHC to highlight the mental health needs of veterans, service members and their families. Learn more.
The National TBI and Emotional Wellness Alliance
In order to raise awareness of the mental health impact of traumatic brain injury, MHA-NYC has launched a TBI and Emotional Wellness Alliance with three synergistic advisory councils. The goal is to drive awareness, science-based information, and sound policy and advocacy initiatives that address the convergence of mental health and TBI issues from the schoolyard, to the stadium, and on the battlefield. Learn more.
Geriatric Mental Health Alliance of New York
Formed in 2004, the Geriatric Mental Health Alliance (GMHA) is a 3,000 member strong advocacy and education coalition that is advancing policy and practice reform to meet the mental health challenges of the elder boom. GMHA successfully led the advocacy movement that resulted in the passage of the NYS Geriatric Mental Health Act, the first of its kind in the nation. Learn more.