TBI Scientific Council


The mission of the Scientific Council is to synthesize and communicate scientific findings and data to help inform policies that promote preventing and identifying traumatic brain injury and its emotional impact.

The Council consists of a multi-disciplinary collaboration of medical professionals, researchers, and academics from across the U.S. designed to bring the science of the intersection of mental illness and traumatic brain injury to bear on public policy decision-making and inform the Alliance’s advocacy positions.

Scientific Council Members:

Dr. Alan Ashare

St. Elizabeth Medical Center

Dr. Baxter Allen

Weill Cornell Medical College

Dr. Robert Cantu

Emerson Hospital

Dr. Michael Collins

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Dr. Wayne Gordon

Mount Sinai Hospital

Dr. Kevin Guskiewicz

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Dr. Barry Kosofsky

New York-
Presbyterian Hospital/ Weill Cornell Medical Center

Dr. Ann McKee

Boston University Alzheimer’s Disease Center

Dr. Michael Lipton

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Dr. Solomon Moshe

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Chris Nowinski

  Boston University School of Medicine

Dr. Ron Savage

North American Brain Injury Society

Dr. Bruce Schwartz

Montefiore Medical Center

Dr. Jonathan Silver

New York University School of Medicine

Dr. Marjorie Snyder

Women’s Sports Foundation

Dr. Alain Ptito

Montreal Neurological Institute