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#WriteOnSarah: Mental Illness in Children – Invisible Until You Look

Sarah Vander Schaaff is a writer, blogger and a mother of two from New Jersey, who has struggled with Obsessive-compulsive disorder for as long as she can remember. Her courageous column in the Washington Post (“Obsessive –compulsive disorder nearly ruined her life”, January 4th) received international attention for its honesty and openness. This is the […]

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#WriteOnSarah: One Sunday in May is not Enough

I find it interesting that Mother’s Day falls in Mental Health Awareness Month. If you look at the popular gifts we give to mothers –sleeping late, breakfast in bed, massages, and bouquets of flowers–you get the idea that we’re generally an exhausted and stressed out group.

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#WriteOnSarah: The MHA-NYC Gala

When I was asked to speak at the MHA-NYC spring gala, I said, “Absolutely. Public speaking is the one thing about which I have no anxiety.” It was a joke, of course, but it was grounded in truth.

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