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As a leading provider of innovative mental health services, advocacy, and education in New York City and nationwide, we are uniquely positioned to provide both a local and national perspective further the public dialogue about behavioral health, emotional wellness, and mental health awareness and policy.

Media Contact

If you are a member of the media seeking information or a quote for a story, please contact Michael Rosen, EVP of Marketing and Communications, at 646-738-6285 or by email at mrosen@mhaofnyc.org.

MHA-NYC In The News

The Mental Health Association of New York City is frequently called on by the media to provide information and context about mental health, suicide prevention, and other related issues. Browse our list of expert commentators and find resources for journalists.

Please find some of our recent media mentions below.


WNBC NewsMHA-NYC’s John Draper, Director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, discusses mental health and suicide prevention on NET NY’s “In the Arena.” Watch the clip here.




WABC NewsMHA-NYC’s Kim Williams and journalist Sarah Vander Schaff talk mental health, MHA-NYC’s mission and our 2016 Gala with Bill Ritter on WABC News. Watch the clip here.







WNBC NewsMHA-NYC’s Kim Williams discusses mental health and ThriveNYC on WNBC News. Watch the clip here.







Al Jazeera AmericaIn this Al Jazeera America video, MHA-NYC’s Kimberly Willams, LMSW, discusses mental health issues veterans face. Watch the full clip here.













Behavioral Health NewsSubstance abuse and misuse by older adults contributes to poor physical and mental health. In this Behavioral Health News article, co-authored by MHA-NYC’s Kimberly Williams, LMSW, pertinent substance abuse and misuse factors that hinder older adults from living well are examined. Read the full article here.





HuffPost - NewThis Veteran’s Day, MHA-NYC’s Kimberly Williams, LMSW, and Scott Thompson, LMHC, collaborated on this Huffington Post blog that encourages civilians to join together in community with veterans year-round by participating in unique, community-oriented programs like Stories We Carry. Read the full article here.





HuffPost - NewTwo years after Superstorm Sandy, MHA-NYC’s Kathryn Salibury, Ph.D., contributed to The Huffington Post and discussed the ongoing mental health challenges that Sandy survivors continue to experience, reassuring survivors that two years later it is not too late to seek help through MHA-NYC’s iHelp: Sandy Stress Relief online program. Read the full article here.





NY1 - NewTwo years after Superstorm Sandy struck, NY1 reported on the ongoing needs for survivors, including those who are experiencing distress due to the storm. The article highlights MHA-NYC’s newly launched online mental health program, iHelp: Sandy Stress Relief, designed for Sandy survivors. Watch the segment and read the full article here.





NewsweekLifeline’s Project Director John Draper, Ph.D., talks with Newsweek in response to an increase in call volume to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline post Robin Williams’ death by suicide. He confirms that the the spike in calls means that more callers are seeking help, and most importantly, more lives are being saved. Read the full article here.





PIX11Four-time Emmy Winning PIX 11 News Anchor Tamsen Fadal and PIX 11 Lead Sports Anchor Scott Stanford covered the 2014 MHA-NYC Gala: Working for Wellness and Beyond in support of Corporate Leaders committed to hiring Veterans. View the interview here





PIX11On Memorial Day PIX 11 News featured Kimberly Williams, LMSW, for a brief overview that highlighted the mental health challenges that veterans face reintegrating into civilian life. Four-time Emmy award winning anchor Tamsen Fadal conducted the interview. View the interview here





Behavioral Health NewsKimberly Williams, LMSW, explains why gainful meaningful employment is significantly important for veterans reintegrating into civilian life in this Behavioral Health News article. Read the full article here





Behavioral Health NewsIn this Behavioral Health News article, Kimberly Williams, LMSW, delves into the significant ordeals that veterans face upon returning to civilian life, coping methods that can help curb substance use, suicide, and PTSD symptoms, and community resources that can aid in helping veterans adapt and lead successful lives. Read the full article here





HuffPost - NewIn response to Lt. Gen. David Fridovich’s recent admission to drug addiction, Kimberly Williams, LMSW, takes to her column on The Huffington Post to highlight Fridovich’s courageous act to come forward. Read the full article here





HuffPost - NewThe Huffington Post published MHA-NYC’s Kimberly Williams’ article, “Finding Hope and Help in Tragedy,” in the aftermath of the recent Fort Hood shooting and shameful reinforcement of the stigma of mental illness, particularly among veterans. Only about 5 percent of violence in the United States can be attributed to people with mental illness and most of these violent acts do not involve guns. We must and can help veterans and others struggling with mental health challenges get the help they need. Read the full article here.





NY Nonprofit Press - NewThe New York Nonprofit Press spotlighted MHA-NYC’s Kimberly Williams in its ‘People’ section for her recent promotion from Director of the Center of Policy, Advocacy, and Education to Vice President of the Center. Ms. Williams’ MHA-NYC journey began more than a decade ago, and the article highlights her greatest contributions to the agency and her success in building the center as a leader in policy solutions for unmet demographics facing mental health needs.





WSJ - NewIn a letter to The Wall Street Journal, Kimberly Williams, Vice President of the Center of Policy, Advocacy, and Education, acknowledged the newspaper’s efforts to raise awareness about the inadequate mental health care options available for people with mental illness and developmental disabilities. Read a published letter to the editor in response to the Jan. 15 front-page article: “Splintered System Often Fails Mentally Ill With Low IQs.”




NY1 - NewNY1’s recent segment highlighted LifeNet, a New York City funded hotline for people in need of resources and services that curb emotional distress. Gloria Jetter, Clinical Supervisor of Here to Help (H2H) Connect, which administers the line, tells NY1 how LifeNet can help local residents navigate through the complex mental health system. Watch the segment here.





TIME - New“TIME” magazine covers suicide prevention and explores the life-saving services offered by LifeNet and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to callers 24/7/365.Click here to read part of the article online.





Health Affairs - NewIn 2007, MHA-NYC led a strategic opportunity analysis on co-occurring health, mental health, and substance abuse disorders for The NYS Health Foundation, resulting in the establishment of a Center for Excellence in Integrated Care. Read a GrantWatch article in the October 2013 issue of Health Affairs that takes a look at this initiative.





WNYC - NewAs we approach the one year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, many affected by the storm are still grappling with difficult memories and emotions. Disaster Distress Helpline Director, Christian Burgess, speaks with WNYC about the ongoing emotional and mental effects of Hurricane Sandy.





WSJ - NewRead a Letter to the Editor by President and CEO, Giselle Stolper, published in the The Wall Street Journal on mental health treatment needs of prison inmates. Read the letter as a PDF or online.





Daily News - NewRead a Letter to the Editor by President and CEO, Giselle Stolper, published in the The Daily News regarding the use of discriminatory language and mental health stigma.





TIME - NewA great piece in “TIME” magazine online on MHA-NYC, our H2H Connect Crisis Contact Center and the many different crisis hotlines we answer.Read the article as a PDF or online.





Today's Geriatric Med - NewView an article by Kim Williams and Lisa Furst of MHA-NYC’s Center for Policy, Advocacy and Education and Dr. Michael Friedman on “Behavioral Activation Targets Depression” in Today’s Geriatric Medicine.





WSJ - NewRead a letter to the editor by Dr. John Draper, Director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, published in The Wall Street Journal on the suicide risk related to military service.





GovLifeNet - NewNYC.gov features 800-LIFENET in video campaign focused on the mental well-being of New York City youth.





NYT - NewRead a letter to the editor by Dr. John Draper, Director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, published in The New York Times on the rise in military suicides.





Kendras Law - NewResponse to Article on Kendra’s Law. It should be no surprise that the recent study of net costs for Kendra’s law, NYS’s involuntary outpatient treatment program, found that it saved the state money. The law was implemented with an investment in, and a commitment to, provide a range of community-based treatment services for those being court ordered into care, thus diverting such individuals away from more expensive forms of inpatient treatment. Read the full response.




Young Invincibles - NewRead a new factsheet on youth mental health services under the Affordable Care Act, created in partnership with Young Invincibles.