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Harlem Bay Network Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS) program is designed for adults diagnosed with a mental illness. PROS helps participants take control of their lives and develop the skills they need to effectively negotiate life’s challenges. Our staff is committed to encouraging and empowering participants to identify and pursue their personal life goals in the community. PROS brings rehabilitation, support, and clinical services together into one plan that supports a person’s goals.

Participants are able to receive their treatment and individual support at PROS. A wide range of classes, matched to the participant’s interests, are available to all. The class schedule is flexible to better meet participant’s needs. There are four types of services in the PROS program for participants to choose from:

Our Service Areas

  • Community Rehabilitation and Support (CRS) assists with restoring the skills and supports necessary for independent living. They may include job exploration, exploring the world of education, stress management, etc.
  • Intensive Rehabilitation (IR) assists with attaining specific life goals, such as finding a job, returning to school and obtaining independent housing.
  • Ongoing Rehabilitation and Support (ORS) addressed the needs of maintaining stability in the workplace after achieving employment.
  • Clinical Treatment (optional) included psychiatry and nursing services that promote medication management and goal focused therapy.

For more information, download the Harlem Bay PROS Course Description.


Adults 18 and over who are currently diagnosed with a serious mental illness.

How to enroll:
Fill out the Harlem Bay PROS Referral Form or call the Intake Coordinator at the number below for more information:

Locations and Contact Information:

116 East 124th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10035
212-876-6083 (Intake Coordinator, ext. 1004)
Fax: 212-876-6092
Director – Maria Pasion