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Parents & Caregivers


Strong families are the foundation of a strong community. Our family programs provide a wide range of support and advocacy services to parents and caregivers. We work with families to identify the right supports and services for their children at the time they need them most.

Family Resource Centers

The Family Resource Centers (FRCs) were created to help reduce the isolation and stress of parenting a child with emotional and behavioral difficulties. The FRCs are staffed by specially trained Family Advocates who have first-hand experience raising a child with emotional and behavioral challenges and who have succeeded in navigating the complexities of the child service system. Family Advocates are available to provide needed support and help parents and caregivers develop the knowledge and skills that they need to become their child’s best advocate. Learn more.

Family Link

Family Link works to support a family’s ability to nurture their children in a safe and secure environment. Our case planners link families with mental health, health, educational, and social services that help promote the emotional and physical wellbeing of their children. Learn more.

Family Link Plus

Family Link Plus helps caregivers who have involvement with the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) and who face the additional challenges of substance abuse and/or mental illness. We are also able to provide specialized services to youth with substance abuse issues. Family Link Plus is especially effective in connecting hard to reach teens to appropriate services and strengthening family relationships. Learn more.

Adolescent Skills Centers

Adolescent Skills Centers help young adults with behavioral health challenges develop the confidence and skills they need to achieve independence in adulthood. The programs provide a wide range of services including vocational skills assessment, GED and literacy classes, computer instruction, internship placements in real work settings, job coaching, peer support and case management services. Learn more.