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The National TBI and Emotional Wellness Alliance


In order to raise awareness about traumatic brain injury and its mental and emotional impact, MHA-NYC launched a TBI and Emotional Wellness Alliance with three synergistic advisory councils. Through this alliance, we drive awareness, science-based information, and advance sound policy and advocacy initiatives that address the intersection TBI and mental health.

National TBI and Emotional Wellness Alliance is working to:

  • Develop and advocate for policy recommendations.
  • Foster the development and dissemination of early identification and preventive strategies.
  • Provide public and professional education on best practices for identifying, and better understanding, the mental health effects of this condition.

TBI Scientific Council

The TBI Scientific Council communicates scientific findings and data to help inform policies that promote the prevention and identification of traumatic brain injury and its emotional impact.

The TBI Scientific Council consists of a multi-disciplinary collaboration of medical professionals, researchers, and academics from across the U.S. designed to bring the science of the intersection of mental illness and traumatic brain injury to bear on public policy decision-making and inform the TBI Alliance’s advocacy positions.

TBI Sports Council

The Sports Council is the driving force behind drawing attention to mental health and brain injury in the sports world.

The Council consists of experts and prominent figures from sports at high risk for TBI who promote the prevention, recognition, and response to sports-related concussions, brain injury, and its emotional toll.

TBI Leadership Council for Veterans, Service Members and Families

To elevate MHA-NYC’s already existing work to address the behavioral health issues facing veterans through our Veterans’ Mental Health Coalition, The Leadership Council is comprised of high profile, respected leaders who will raise the visibility and expand the work to foster effective interventions to address the invisible “wounds of war.”

The Council brings the prominent influence needed to broaden and strengthen the message about the devastating behavioral health impact of war and the compelling need for responsive, coordinated resources. As traumatic brain injury has become “the signature injury” of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, The Leadership Council will be a critical advisor to the Alliance.

Meet Our Council Members:

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